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  • EMS Billing Services
  • Medical Coding Services
  • Medical Billing Charge Entry
  • CPT and ICD-10 Coding
  • Patient Demographic Entry
  • Denial Analysis


It is critical for a successful revenue cycle management to submit medical bills on time and getting those claims reversed without delay. Consistent inefficient follow-ups with the payers is important to reimburse the rejected and denied claims. However, effectively managing medical billing and coding in the house is a tough task but why not outsource the job to the professional medical coders who can manage the same quality and save your time.

Outsourcing medical billing and coding services to the experts can reduce the stress of consistent follow-ups and help you will be faster and cleaner cleans at less costs. Kaya Systems understands the importance of accurate and timely medical billing and coding. Our experts will take responsibility of administrative task and follow-up associated with billing and coding that will help you to focus more on healthcare services to patients and your major competencies.

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    Medical Billing and Coding Services We Offer

    We have the most competitive infrastructure and the expertise to provide international clients with the medical billing
    and coding services. Once you barter with Kaya Systems, our efficient medical coding team will accurately go to services
    and the billing team will ensure the timely reimbursement of the claims. It will reduce your administrative
    responsibilities of managing your revenue cycle and manage the cash flow efficiently. Following are the services we offer:

    Medical Billing

    The second higher understands the importance of entering correct details to avoid denials and delays. Our billing department double check the information for super bill or an encounter form related to CPT and ICD codes with modifiers, patient demographics, date of service and number of units. Moreover, Quality checks are done at multiple levels to ensure the accuracy of the data entered.

    Kaya Systems is one such medical billing service providing company that can be your one-stop-shop for all your needs.

    Coding Services

    The second higher ensure the compliance of medical coding services with government regulation and improve cording accuracy. You are only required to scan your patients’ records and upload them to our secure server. Our dedicated coding exposure to download and analyze these documents daily. Once it is done, our quality assurance (QA) specialist will check the submitted claims for:

    • Medical Coding Audit Services
    • HCC Medical Coding Services
    • Incorrect or missing ICD-10 diagnosis
    • Incorrect or missing CPT-4 modifiers
    • Incorrect or missing CPT procedure codes

    Medical Claims Processing

    We can facilitate you with online and paper claims processing. For online claims with the help of secure connection, we have the facility to connect to the software and submit all claims electronically. Additionally our quality assurance (QA) team will perform the quality checks at two different levels. We eliminate any errors and reduce the chances of claim rejection.

    Accounts Receivables Management

    We are persistent in following up with the claims for faster reimbursements. Our staff is consistently in touch with insurance companies through emails, phone calls, etc. to settle the claims quickly. Once done, all payments are then posted and updated on the billing software. The incomplete payment and denials are analyzed in detail. All the required re-submissions are done upon correction to the insurance provider.

    Revenue Cycle Management

    We strictly follow the punctuality and submit the claim timely because we understand the time sensitivity. To maximize the reimbursement, we process and consistently follow up with insurance companies. Our prime focus is to ensure that all claims a timely paid without any delay. By being efficient, we reduce your oppression of cost, help you to increase your revenue and manage your cash flow.

    Specialized Medical Billing

    We provide medical billing services for a wide range of specialities, including –

    • Rheumatology Billing Services
    • Sleep Medicine Billing Services
    • Urgent Care Billing Services
    • Orthopedic Billing Services
    • Physician Billing
    • Chiropractic Billing
    • Ambulance Billing
    • Internal Medicine Medical Billing
    • Physician Credentialing Services
    • EMS Billing
    • Radiology Medical Billing
    • Hospital Billing Services
    • DME Billing Services
    • Mental Health Billing
    • Pathology Medical Billing
    • Pediatric Medical Billing
    • Medical Records Indexing Services
    • Neurology Medical Billing Services
    • Healthcare Support for Medical Billing Companies
    • Medical Insurance Claims Processing Services
    • Cardiology Medical Billing Services
    • Occupational Health Billing Services
    • EOB Processing Services
    • Medical Billing Software Support
    • Emergency Medicine Billing Services
    • Hospice Billing Services
    • Urology Billing Services
    • Anesthesia Billing Services
    • Medical Document Scanning Services
    • Gastroenterology Billing Services
    • Pain Management Billing Services
    • Physical Therapy Billing Services
    • Personal Injury Billing Services
    • Workers Compensation Billing Services
    • EHR Chart Building Services
    • Patient Advice and Liaison Services
    • Risk Adjustment HCC Coding Services
    • FQHC Billing Services

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    Our Medical Billing & Coding Specialty

    We also offer a defined system and experts to offer a comprehensive range of special
    medical billing and coding services which includes:

    Insurance Eligibility Verification

    Due to the incorrect and inadequate coverage details provided by the patients during their visits, or when information is not timely updated by the administrative staff or the hospitals, most of the medical claims are delayed or denied by the insurance companies. Insurance eligibility verification is the prime step in medical billing and coding process. It can immensely impact the cash flow of the company by significant delays In the reimbursement. We can do this for you!

    Patient Demographic Entry

    Insurance companies can make some significant delays due to the error in patient demographic data as it directly affects the insurance claims payment. Updating the patient demographic data is a major task and should be timely done. We take this burden from you and keep it updated to make sure that there are no delays in the insurance claims made.

    CPT and ICD-10 Coding

    It is a really time-consuming task for the administrative staff to stay updated with new updates and comply with the industrial standards to code compliantly, secure the patients’ data, and bill the patients timely. We are here to help you to lessen the burden and the risk associated with the administrative functions.

    Medical Billing Charge Entry

    It is the most significant step as it finalizes the amount of free embarrassment any healthcare facility will receive from the insurance company. We offer a highly experienced and well-trained data entry specialist to perform this task.

    Submission of Claims

    Why not outsource such a time-consuming yet an important step to a reliable company that can handle it well with experienced staff without negatively affecting the reimbursement amount. Any delay and the wrong information on submitting the claims give me a reason or a loss so Kaya Systems efficiently and carefully handles this for you.

    Payment posting

    Quick turnaround time and attention plays an important role in the final step of medical billing process – payment posting to the patient’s account.

    Denial Analysis

    Denial of medical insurance claims is one of the major concerns of any healthcare organization or a physician so this needs to be catered quickly. Kaya Systems has a good turnaround time to cater these claims denial due to missing or inaccurate data.

    Accounts Receivables Management

    Are you short on resources to handle your accounts receivable requirements and increase your cash flow? The best solution is to outsource the healthcare accounts receivable services to the experienced provider to reduce the cost and maximize the outcome.

    Kaya Systems’s Medical Billing
    and Coding Process

    Being one of the leading medical billing and coding service providers, we believe in providing quality
    services to our clients within a quick time. This is possible by making use of a streamlined and systematic
    process. The key steps involved in the process are –

    Software We use for Medical Billing
    and Coding Services

    Having been in the medical billing and coding industry for over 17 years, we believe in providing our clients
    with the best quality and error-free services within a quick turnaround time. Some of the key software we
    leverage for medical billing and coding services include –

    Why choose Kaya Systems for medical transcription services?

    Benefits of outsourcing medical transcription services are numerous. Here are some of the key reasons that
    makes us best medical transcription services provider:

    Access to skilled medical transcriptionist:

    We train each medical transcriptionist frustrate six months. We also have multiple therapists such as physiotherapists on our team who are well versed in medical terminology.

    Get access to superior quality services:

    We make our system 99% defect free by passing each file through 3 different quality-checking phases. All the transcriptionists assigned to each client are experienced and familiar with the medical terminology used. Each transcript is checked twice for accuracy from the template to the patient details to the dictation.

    Turnaround time is less than 24 hours:

    As we are located in the same Location, it is best to reach out to us in regards of geological access and time that benefits both to get the reports faster.

    Ensured that quality is optimized:

    We follow systematic process in our workflow is designed to make sure that you get the error free work. A quality assurance team gives a final check to the output to check for the grammatical/ contextual errors before submission.

    Data security:

    Our workflow is designed to ensure tWe follow strict rules to secure the data and follow the confidentiality protocols for each client. We insure that the patient related data is completely safe and protected by the third-party or hackers. We also follow high protocols for securing the online portals and servers for communication to keep all the data safe for each client.

    Dedicated project manager

    Each client is provided with a dedicated project manager once you choose us for the medical transcription services. It keeps the channel smooth by keeping you updated about the project status and handling all issues if there are any to be resolved.


    By being in the same time zone, you can easily reach out to our sales team, call center executives are project managers through phone or email.

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