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Do you lack focus on your core activities like patient care because of medical transcription? All around the world, organizations are reducing the costs of medical transcription by outsourcing these tasks to experienced professionals. By doing this, overall performance improves because they reduce fatigue by outsourcing such a time-consuming tasks and focus on their core activities.

Kaya Systems offers a wide range of medical transcription services according to your requirements. We have a team of highly skilled experts who can cater to your needs. Outsourcing medical transcription to the skilled professionals can help you focus more on patient care and provide the best customer service to your clients.

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    Medical Transcription Services We Offer

    We understand your needs quickly and provide the services accordingly as a result of our experience in this field for more than 17 years.

    We offer the latest two technologies to deliver the best turnaround time with high-quality transcription services. Here are some of the key medical transcription services we offer:

    • Anesthesiology Transcription Services
    • Internal Medicine Transcription
    • Neurology Transcription
    • Radiology Transcription
    • Discharge summary
    • Oncology Reports
    • Pathology Reports
    • HL7 Reports
    • Dermatology Transcription
    • Medical Reports
    • Psychiatry Reports
    • Emergency room reports
    • Operative Reports Transcription Services
    • ENT Transcription Services
    • Cardiology Transcription Services
    • EMR Transcription Services
    • Surgery Transcription
    • Ophthalmology Transcription Services
    • Chiropractic Transcription Services
    • Genetics Transcription Services
    • Physical Therapy Transcription Services
    • Pain Management Transcription Services
    • Rehabilitation Transcription Services
    • Patient charts
    • Teleconference notes
    • Clinical summary
    • History and physical reports
    • Medical records summary
    • Progress notes
    • Pediatric/Geriatric reports
    • Rehabilitation reports

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    Who do we serve

    • Healthcare practitioners
    • Clinics and care centers
    • Diagnostic labs
    • Hospitals
    • Medical Insurance companies
    • Medical Billing Companies
    • Revenue Cycle Management firms
    • Teleradiology centers

    The Medical Transcription Team
    at Kaya Systems

    We are located in the USA and that makes us suitable for medical transcription services because we are familiar with the systems in the USA. Our highly skilled medical transcriptionists train all the employees assigned to your account to avoid mistakes and delays.

    Our team for medical transcription services and prices of these experts:

    • Client Account Managers
    • Tier-1 Transcriptionists
    • Quality Assurance Associates
    • Proof-readers and Editors

    Dedicated medical transcriptionists are offered to each client account. It helps to avoid any delays because they’re familiar with the clients and their requirements. This approach makes us the most suitable medical transcription service provider.

    Medical Transcription Process at Flatworld

    Flatworld Solutions adheres to a robust process to ensure that the final output is of superior quality.
    The following steps illustrate the way in which we work –

    1. The Account Manager retrieves the dictations from the FTP or client-server. These are then assigned to the designated Tier-1 transcriptionist who works as a dedicated Professional for you
    2. The medical transcriptionists use prescribed templates to transcribe the audio. Then, they submit the completed document for proofreading
    3. The proofreaders check the transcripts for any grammatical errors. The reviewed and corrected documents are sent to the Quality Assurance (QA) team. Feedback is sent to the Tier-1 team
    4. The QA team uses random sampling to perform quality checks. They send their review comments to both the transcriptionists and the proofreaders
    5. In the end, the completed medical transcriptions are sent to the Account Manager who does a final check to ensure that the correct templates have been used. Once this is done, the final documents are sent to you.

    Software we use for Medical Transcription Services

    Being one of the leading providers of medical transcription services, provide
    quality services within a quick turnaround. This is made possible
    using the best and medical transcription tools and technologies. Some of the
    key tools and technologies we leverage include –

    Why choose Kaya Systems for medical transcription services?

    The benefits of outsourcing medical transcription services are numerous. Here are some of the key reasons
    we are the best medical transcription services provider:

    Access to skilled medical transcriptionist:

    We train each medical transcriptionist for six months. We also have multiple therapists such as physiotherapists on our team who are well versed in medical terminology.

    Get access to superior services:

    We make our system 99% defect free by putting each file through three different quality-check phases. All the transcriptionists assigned to each client are experienced and familiar with the medical terminology used. Each transcript is checked twice for accuracy from the template to the patient details to the dictation.

    Turnaround time is less than 24 hours:

    We work regular hours in your time zone, it is best to tell us what hours work best for you so we can get your reports faster.

    Quality that is optimised:

    We follow systematic processes in our workflow which is designed to make sure that you get error free work. A quality assurance team gives a final check to the output to check for the grammatical and contextual errors before submission.

    Data security:

    Our workflow is designed to follow strict rules to secure the data and follow the confidentiality protocols for each client. We keep patient related data safe and protected from third parties or hackers. We also follow protocols for securing the online portals and servers for communication to keep all the data safe for each client.

    Dedicated project manager

    Each client is provided with a dedicated project manager. The project manager keeps you updated and handles all issues if there are any to be resolved.


    By working in your time zone, you can easily reach out to our sales team, call center executives are project managers by phone or email.

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