iOS Apps Development

Kaya Systems offers iOS Apps development services to turn your vision into a reality. Do you have a great idea for iPhone application or iPad application? Do you feel like being on the App Store? Are you interested in porting your existing web application to the iOS device?

Kaya Systems provides you with the iOS design and development expertise to help you develop a new product or to port your web app to iOS platform. We develop both web-based and native applications for iOS family.

Our Process

We use Agile for iOS development. The Agile Process allows us to develop your applications as per your evolving app
requirements. However, we strictly adhere to Apple guidelines to ensure your apps get approved on App Store.

User Interface Design

We follow an evolutionary process, creating multiple design mockups and wireframes, to get the best user interface design for your application. Our designers are in a continuous cycle to innovate intrusive iOS design schemes to help improve user experience. Kaya Systems produces strikingly inspiring visual designs using the right typography and color schemes.

Native App Development

Native applications get installed on your iOS device. These applications may or may not need internet connectivity. Kaya Systems develops both types of Native Apps; 1) stand-alone Native Apps and 2) webservices-enabled Native Apps. These applications can be used for content creation, complex workflows or calculations. Native iOS applications offer the best user experience and a great distribution and marketing platform via App Store.

Kaya Systems provides you with expertise to take best advantage of iOS technology. We make the best use of native functionalities like SMS, GPS, Click to Call, Camera etc. to support your business process or product initiatives. We code optimistically to provide users with best experience for their native applications.

Taking Your Web Apps to iOS…

Kaya Systems provides you with the expertise to take your web applications on iOS devices. We develop mobile-version of your existing web applications to help increase your market reach and usability. Whether your web app uses Video Streaming or Google Maps or anything that consumes data from web, we can port it to iOS devices.

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Multimedia Books for iPad

Story books have played a vital role in educating children. Story books that comes with illustrated artwork help children to fantasize. We are passionate about and feel pleasure in creating fantasies for children.

We work with individuals and publishing houses to create animated story books for children. The characters in our story books can interact with children as in real. With retina display graphics and multimedia support the concept of story books is revitalized. Children can see the birds flying, clouds moving and animals making their sounds in the background.

Educational Games for Children

We believe that ios platform can be best used for children education.

Kaya Systems feels excited to take part in children education programs using its iOS App development expertise.

We create interactive educational games that minimize learning curve and maximize learning.

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