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Our Transcription Service Group is composed of experienced and passionate people who are committed to client service. We offer high quality and cost-effective transcription services online with consistency. That is why our clients keep themselves focused on their core business process and let us take care of the rest of the non-core processes. We provide guaranteed and highly professional, and best transcription services to our clients through our well-trained transcriptionists. The reason why you should prefer Kaya Systems Inc to other companies is the consistency, responsibility, and professionalism we show towards our work. We have clients who have been working with us for more than 5 years!

    Pricing Models for Online Transcription Services

    We have two pricing models for transcription work. We charge our clients on a per-line basis or on an hourly rate basis depending on work volume or their support requirements. Please let us know your exact requirements and we will quote you the rate and the turnaround time as we bring the possible ease for our clients, which is our core target.

    Professional Transcription Services that Kaya System is Offering

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    Our engagement starts with understanding client requirements and coming up with solutions that can help clients achieve their business objectives. Kaya Systems Inc has provided medical transcription service to a large number of doctor’s offices. Our medical transcriptionist is skilled and can convert your recordings into notations, and reports accurately.

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    Our General Transcription Team has worked on various assignments on a project and on a dedicated basis. Our general transcriptionist has transcribed different audio/video recordings such as promotional videos, lectures, interviews, presentations, essays and much more. All the transcriptions have to go through a quality assurance process to ensure accuracy.

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    In audio transcription service, we transform your audio to text transcription in your desired language. Our highly dedicated and skilled team provides the most accurate transcription service even when the audio quality is very complex and disturbed. We offer extremely affordable and competitive rates you can find.

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    Looking for secure, affordable, and accurate video transcription service? You have come to the right place. Kaya Systems is providing video to text transcription that can be used for interviews, events, research interviews, and legal proceedings. As search engines cannot index video, this transcription will help you for SEO purposes also.

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    Here at Kaya Systems, we provide super quality and the most efficient legal transcription services to our clients. Our legal transcription services are served to the law firms, barristers, government, courts, and insurance firms. We deliver the top-notch transcription services all over the US and Canada.

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    Focus on your studies and let Kaya Systems Inc take care of the rest. We offer confidential academic transcription services for interviews, research, seminars, and lectures. Our major goal is to get you your academic transcript on the right time without any struggle. We guarantee you a flawless and quick academic transcription that will meet your needs.

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