Affordable Transcription Service

Here is one reason why you should prefer Kaya Systems to other companies. We have clients who are working with us for more than 5 years!

Let us explain how this has happened!

Our Transcription Services Group is comprised of experienced and passionate people who are committed to client service. We offer high quality and cost-effective transcription services with consistency. That is why our clients keep themselves focused on their core business process and let us take care of the rest of the non-core processes.

Pricing Models for Transcription

We have two pricing models for transcription support. We charge our clients on per-line basis or on an hourly rate basis depending on work volume or their support requirements. Please let us know your exact requirements and we will quote you the rate and the turnaround time as we bring the possible ease for our clients, which is our core target.

Kinds of Transcription Services

We offer multiple types of services. Two basic transcription services we offer are mentioned below:


Medical Transcription

Our engagement starts with understanding client requirements and coming up with solutions that can help client acheive their business objectives. Clients may engage us for a specific project, but as time passes and as we demonstrate our expertise, the relationship begins to grow where we start working together in more than one functional areas. This relationship enables our clients to keep their costs down and in some cases it gives them an opportunity to enhance their competitive-edge over their competitors.

General Transcription

Our General Transcription Team has worked on various assignments on a project and on a dedicated basis. We have transcribed different audio/video recordings such as promotional videos, lectures, interviews, presentations, essays and much more. All the transcriptions have to go through a quality assurance process to ensure accuracy.

If you are a small business owner and you want to take full advantage from the range of services we offer including transcription services. Then your transcription associate can be a part of your back-office team working for you to help you grow your business.


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