Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Hiring a high volume of staff globally is challenging, expensive and time consuming, and always key to organisational success.

Our permanent recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution allows clients to outsource part or their entire direct hiring, safe in the knowledge that it is being managed by a company with the breadth of experience to manage high volume demand and the global capabilities to source exactly the right individuals for a client's talent needs.

Supported by our global network of more than 45 offices, we partner with clients in single or multiple locations across the world.

How we support you

Whether you need limited recruitment support or complete talent acquisition transformation for your entire enterprise, we can deliver a customized solution with the right fit.

Reduce costs. By attacking fixed costs within your organisation and third party supplier spend, we typically reduce the cost-per-hire by 25-40%.

Improve the candidate and client experience. By managing your recruitment and deploying a dedicated, motivated, correctly sized and situated team, we enhance the experience for both candidates and the hiring community.

Manage the entire recruitment process with quality hiring.

Improve efficiency and reduce your time-to-hire by up to 50% by redesigning and optimising your recruitment process.

Give you access to the best global talent, conducting pre-employment assessments and screenings.

Deliver specialised and scalable recruitment teams responding to change of volume and location.
Our RPO solutions typically involve the deployment of applicant tracking systems (ATS) or the optimisation of existing ones. We work with clients to build their employment brand and talent pool, resulting in better quality and faster hiring, with reduced time invested by the line management.

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Our RPO solutions are developed and implemented by our highly trained and experienced experts to specifically
address your talent and business needs. Bringing this expertise to all of our RPO partnerships, we have the
reach, experience, and geographic and technological infrastructure to support the development and execution of
forward-focused strategies and programs. We erase borders, address market scarcity and overcome barriers
that drag down other traditional solutions.

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Today's competitive business world demands agility in dynamic market environments, realizing growth ambitions, feeding the R&D pipeline and bringing new products and services to market faster. Your RPO model will be designed to help you realize your current and future strategic vision.

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