Our Graphic Design Process

We have years of experience creating meaningful and impactful designs. Whether it is a logo, digital ad, or a business
card; our designs are something we take a lot of pride in. In order to successfully meet the needs of a graphic design
project we follow a specific set of steps, which we’ve outlined below. If you have any questions or need help you can fill
out our contact form, or just give us a call!




We setup a meeting with clients to identify their needs. Our team of experienced graphic designers and directors begin to strategize.


Taking your objectives and preferences into account, graphic design solutions begin to take form. The initial concepts are created.


A collection of graphics are sent to the client. We walk you through our process and logic behind them. Through this dialogue, we identify the best solution for your business.

Final Execution

We refine the best option into a perfect graphic design. We satisfy all your goals and leave you with an exceptional design.

Why Work with Kaya Systems?

We are not just an outsourcing company but we consider ourselves as problem solvers. We thrive
on challenges and our clients oblige knowing very well that we have the ability to deliver.
Structurally, we are a flat organization with low overhead operating in a low rate labor
environment. We measure our success by our client’s success. What distinguishes us from the rest
of the pack is our ability to quickly react to client’s changing needs.

Print Graphic Design Services

Support your brand and promote your product or service with cutting edge visual
communications. We can take your product or idea from concept to product.

Logo Design

Logo is what gives your brand an identity. It is by what a consumer identifies your brand. Therefore, if you wish your brand to stand out in the crowd, getting a catchy emblem is an absolute must. That is exactly what we offer!

Business Card Design

Always be ready to meet potential customers with your own business cards. You can customize one of our many free business card designs to feature your logo. Our unique design process saves you time and money.

Marketing Materials

Printed marketing materials are crucial in making a good impression. The best printed marketing pieces are well designed and use the same fonts, colors, and themes so they all work together.

  1. Letterhead & Envelopes
  2. Brochure/Folder
  3. Banner/Flyer
  4. Catalogue/Booklet
  5. Poster/Menu
  6. Door Hanger/Bookmark
  7. Newsletters

Web Graphic Design Services

Good design is an art built on science. Our design team creates visual
properties based on pictorial strategy and sales psychology. They don't
just look amazing, they're built to convert.




With user experience in the front of their minds, our design team produces powerful websites with all the speed and functionality you need. A 100% responsive design is CRITICAL to your business' success today, when most users search on their smartphones, tablets and laptops.


You've got a great product and a great ad. But if your landing page doesn't convert, you've got nothing. Our team designs landing pages and emails that drive your customers to take action with ease.


Similar to landing page, having everything great is not enough so more you would need is email. We have skilled team for making email template that is developed with expertise and help in converting user into customer.


We can help you design a custom banner that suits your current style and needs in a timely manner. We can help determine the dimensions of the banner/slider and build from there. Contact us about building your custom banner today!


Google and other advertising networks allow businesses to use animated and/or static banners to post advertisements to a website. Kaya can work with your ideas to develop a line of advertisements that can be used on any network.


We can help with any type of user interface design whether it’s an App, a website, software, or anything else that needs to look good to the eye. We can provide you with all the designs which you need to create a great product.

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