Use these Code Editors for Web Development if you’re a Beginner

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Many beginners are confused about whether to choose IDE (integrated development environment) or other code editors. As experienced web development team, we will always suggest beginners to use code editors. IDEs are for the people who are making scalable applications for people. Whereas you as a beginner will be making simple websites to learn basic computer science concepts and syntax of programming languages.
So, in this article, you will get to know about the code editors suitable for beginners.

1- Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is a streamlined code editor. It provides support for development operations such as debugging, task running, and version control. The tools that a developer needs for the quick code build debug cycle are given in this code editor. VS Code has deep remote development. It allows you to be able to customize the editor. You can easily change the layout, fonts, color theme, and icons. I will say their extensions are a little bit lacking. But it’s still above the average because of all of the features it gives you just in a single click. About 90% of code editor experts recommend vs code. It’s even free of any cost for private as well as commercial use.

2- Sublime Text

Sublime texts have been there for over a decade now. It is a decent text editor code, markup, and prose. It comes up with a lot of stuff as a massive package control center. It allows you to make it however you want. It handles large projects very well. It is not going to be a stumbling block when it comes to switching over from one aspect of your project to another. But here comes a con that is setting up the particular package control center in the sublime text is not straightforward. It makes you jump through a couple of hoops. Secondly, one seat will cost you around 80 dollars. Yes, it is not free. You have to buy it, to use it. Although the trial option is still available.

3- Atoms

It is relatively new for text editors. As soon as you have atoms on your computer, you are up and running. You are ready to add plugins and do all kinds of cool stuff to make your text design as customized as you need to be for any specific project you are working on. That’s a huge plus because, unlike sublime text, it works smoothly and directly. It allows people to get into it and just start using it without any pop-ups. The downside of atoms is that they perform a little slowly. Now if you are working on small projects, you will probably not feel the difference between sublime and atom. But if you are working on bigger projects where you have to navigate from one screen to another, it takes a long time. The fax is that it’s 100% and will not cost you even a penny.


On the whole, these are some of the best code editors that I will recommend. Although some of them do have minor issues which need to be resolved. But when talking about small projects, they prove themselves useful. Some of these are free code editors, so money is not even a hurdle in our path.

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