Virtual Office Assistant the Best Choice for a Small Business Owner

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Virtual Office Assistant the Best Choice for a Small Business Owner

Some of you may be asking what a virtual office assistant is. As futuristic as it sounds, it would not be wrong to say in this context that the future is already here. A virtual office assistant is already present for the world to make use of and this assistant is no less than any kind of a regular office assistant. But the difference in this kind of assistant is that he provides the client services from a remote office and never walks through the gates of the client or his employer. While this may sound weird to many office bearers; but a larger community makes use of his services just because of this quality.

Many business owners are now more interested to hire online virtual assistants for their official work rather than the regular office assistant. The benefits of working with the virtual assistant are many and there is no loss but profit when compared with the regular office assistant. Let’s be frank here, what duties do you expect from your assistant who walks in your office daily and performs his duties. Obviously the work you expect from him is to handle the official emails, answer queries, send a number of new emails and attend telephone calls. Rarely would your office assistant would perform any additional tasks but all the assistants who work in offices over the globe do nothing more than this and they charge heavily for it.

Apart from the wages they charge to their employers, the employers are needed to bear a lot of other expenses. When your assistant comes in and swipes his card in the attendance machine, the first thing he does is preparing a cup of coffee and then settles down for work. Now as he has clocked in, he turns on the lights and the air conditioner or the heater if it is winter. Now the electricity bill has started falling on the wallet of the employer even though he has not arrived yet. Now these kinds of overhead charges cannot be reduced as it would mean reducing the working hours and hence the work to be done by the office assistant.

Now compare the virtual office assistant in this case. No one enters the office doors hence there is no cup of coffee made on the office expense. As the virtual assistant does not walk in through the doors he does not turn on the office lights or the air conditioner or heater of his employer but does it all on his own expense in his own office. Hence the employer is saved from these overhead charges and has no concern how much electricity bill comes to his virtual assistant nor does he care about the amount of coffee cups consumed a day by the VA. This is all a win win situation for the small business owner because he cannot afford to bear such overhead charges.

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