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How a Virtual Personal Assistant Takes Your Business to the Top

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Perfect professional skills and the ability to multi task, these are some of the reasons why companies are keen to hire a virtual personal assistant than someone else for their tasks. Having a single resource able to manage and effectively complete multiple tasks save the company time and money. What do you think a virtual assistant is capable to do? Here are some of the tasks he can effectively complete with perfection and professionalism.

Content moderation and marketing
We all know that content is King! There’s no denying to the fact if you want your money minting website to rank high in the SERPS. You’ll be needing fresh, unique and SEO friendly content on a daily basis to have it spread around the internet building quality back links for your website. Your virtual assistant would keenly provide the exact articles and blogs for your website so that your business website starts growing and climb to the highest rankings possible.

Press releases
You are not a mature business unless you act like one. A lot of things happen in your company which is worth sharing with your customers and in some way, to make your competitors envy your growth and expansion. Your virtual assistant would definitely handle the task of spreading the news in an appropriate manner which would help in publicizing your company in the corporate world and also act as a catalyst to boost your rankings on the internet.

Website maintenance and building
How old is your website now? How long has it been when the website was built and made live on the internet? Surely you can’t boast about professionalism and style with a website built in the design which looks like your grandfather gave you in inheritance. You’ll need a fresh and attractive design which would be appealing to the users as they come to your website. We all know if you customers like the website, they certainly like your business too. So you can use the technology services of your VA to upgrade your website or build a completely new one.

The secret success for a small business to become one of the top leading enterprises in the state is keeping operational costs as close to zero as possible in the start. Unless the business starts earning enough to make you confident about expanding your physical employees, the business owner should use the full services of a virtual personal assistant. But this does not mean you should let go of your VA once you have grown through his help and abilities. Some huge names in the business world still use their VA’s even though they are a multi-billion enterprise. But it all depends on your confidence and the will to continue your business with him.

Why VA Services Suit Your Business

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Are you a small business owner striving hard for growth? Are you tired of managing all the office work and trying to reach the client on time? If this is your routine, then you need to get virtual assistant services and make your work life easy and organized.

Owning a business is not about trapping yourself in it and miss all the fun. While it certainly pays for the hard work put in business, but it never pays if you are putting in the hard work the wrong way. As a business owner there are more important things which demand your attention than just the administrative tasks. Think about the real growth you could get if you have peace of mind when you arrive at the office rather than the hassle you are in whenever you step inside your office.

The virtual assistant services are an instant hit because they enable you to save not only your time, but they also save you a lot of money. How much can you achieve alone? The modern business trends demand a lot of activities to be done regularly on a daily basis. To survive the competition you not only need to have a strong marketing team spread all over the city, you also need a very strong marketing team to spread your business website all over the internet. Why? Shopping trends have changed all over the globe and now people prefer to search and purchase goods over the internet rather than the physical markets.

Internet is available everywhere. It is more easily accessible than finding drinkable water on this planet. This is the main reason why shopping online has become a bigger attraction for customers these days. Shopping online has many advantages that a physical store or market cannot provide and topping the list of advantages is the widest variety accessible and no boundaries to purchase from. Since you are targeting a bigger market for your business growth and expansion, the virtual assistant can provide you the services of Search Engine Marketing (SEO) which is exactly what you need to be present in a global market.

A business can never achieve growth and expansion without a capable team of professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Hiring a team of professionals in your office is certainly out of the question because it will cost you more to pay them than you actually earn. But with hiring virtual assistant services, you get a team of professionals working for your business without investing heavily and paying a monthly affordable fee. Hence, with the VA services, you gain more and spend less and get an opportunity to grow your business quickly.

Ask Questions When Hiring Virtual Administrative Assistant

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Making the decision to hire a virtual administrative assistant can be a tough one. You need to make sure that you are ready to make the hiring effective right away. Many times people start search for a virtual assistant without deciding where to begin and what to expect from him. Unplanned hiring is often ineffective and a waste of time and money on the whole. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you get ready to hire a virtual assistant.

What are the tasks that you need completed?
This is one of the most important questions. Unless you know clearly what your virtual assistant will do for you, you can never delegate the right tasks and keep him busy. This will also help your VA to learn about his duties and how to effectively manage the project.

Are you comfortable working with a person online?
Insecurity about your employees can be a very serious issue. Since your VA isn’t a person who would be coming to the office ever, it means that you do not have authority over his PC. What data is exchanged between the two of you will probably be saved in the PC of the VA. You need to have confidence in your virtual assistant because without it, your work can never progress.

Can you use communication tools?
When you are working with a VA, there is no guarantee from which region of the world you choose one. You are located in the western hemisphere and your VA is in the eastern. So making calls every now and then is not a feasible option because the phone calls alone will cost you more than the salary you pay. Hence communication through the convenient channels such as Skype and other communication mediums would be required. If you are not familiar how to use these tools, you can easily learn about them on the internet and then begin your communication.

How many hours?
Do you have enough tasks to hand over to the virtual assistant to keep him busy for full office hours? If yes, then go for the monthly package because it will be cheaper. If you cannot keep your virtual employee busy for more than a couple of hours per day, then you should go for the hourly package. Paying for the hours you keep him busy will be affordable and you never pay extra.

Hire a Reliable VA to Make Your Business Life Easy

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Are you too much engrossed in your work and business that you are neglecting your other responsibilities? Do you daily have a long list of to-do things that it becomes difficult for you to manage all in a day? Do you want to take rest while your work is completed in your sleep? If answer to these and other such questions is yes, then you need to have an online virtual assistant who can take off the burden from your shoulders and allow you to do justice with your personal and business life with ease of mind.

An online virtual assistant (VA) is a skilled, expert and experienced person who is efficient and well organized to handle the office tasks. VA provides specialized administrative services to the entrepreneurs, businessmen and managers. Typically, assistants were considered to do common types of tasks such as typing, transcribing and other repetitive administrative task. But virtual assistant has changed the meaning of the office assistant which was limited to such common office tasks. Now virtual assistants are considered specialized and highly skilled people who have the ability to perform multiple tasks according to your business requirements.

The services of virtual assistants are mostly availed by the small and medium sized businesses and professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, managers and other such small business owners. Due to their low budget, these businesses generally want to operate on low cost in order to compete with the market. So they are willing to hire employees at cheap costs and when they require it.

The particular reason for this demand is the global economic slowdown. Now-a-days, every kind of business is forced to cut down on the costs while maintaining their employee strength, which has become a challenge. It even satisfies the customers who get such cheap outsourced services.

For finding a suitable virtual assistant, it is important that you first determine the tasks you want to assign to the virtual assistant like teleclass listings, email, blog entries, ezine, website updates etc. you can hire them on contractual basis for your project and can assign an estimated time for them to complete the project. Most of the online virtual assistants work on the hourly rates. This rate varies with the complexity of the task and the level of expertise the assistant possess.

Most of the communication is done through the online channels or medium of communication such as internet, emails, online chat, skype, web conferencing and also via telephone and fax. The experience and expertise in communication is vital to this job.

The online virtual assistant generally have specialization in a particular business area such as marketing, advertising, finance, accounting, research, content writing, secretarial services and it can be almost any kind of field in which virtual assistance can be provided.

The invention and innovations in the field of information technology and communications invigorated and widened the scope of the field of online virtual assistants, extraordinarily. Now it is an important part of the small scale business industry developing bright work at home opportunities especially for women.